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Byte Annual Meeting— January 5, 2003

Present: Claire Dolan, Jannelle Kubinec, Karin Knowles, Michele Logan, Trish Moratorio, Katie Murray, Gail Yando

Minutes submitted by Jannelle

1.      Fleet Membership

·         Applications for local and National Byte 2003 fleet membership were distributed to attendees. Local fleet membership dues are $10 for boat owners and $5 for associates. National membership dues are $25.

·        Michele will mail local fleet membership information to all Northern California fleet sailors that have not paid their 2003 dues. Karin will post information and applications on the fleet web site.

2.      Fleet Champion

·         Gail announced that Dan Ouellet was the 2002 fleet champion with 20 points for the season. Other top finishers included Gail Yando (34 points), Gaylin Yee (45), Karin Knolwes (69), and Jeff Nelson (75).

3.      2003 Scoring Rules

·         Karin presented a draft of scoring rules to determine the Byte fleet champion. The group discussed several suggested modifications to the rules, which were noted and will be updated by Karin. The major provisions include:

-          Only fleet members are counted in the season championship.

-          Only fleet members that have competed at 50% of all race days are considered competitors for the season championship.

-          All races in a season championship regatta count.

-          The number of throwouts allowed depends on the total number of raced sailed in a season championship event.

-          Scoring for individuals races is as follows: 1st – ¾ point; 2nd - 2 points; 3rd – 3 points; etc.

·        Karin will post the complete and updated 2003 Scoring Rules on the fleet web site.

4.      2003 Schedule

·         The members present discussed and voted on the following schedule:

(* indicates that the race will count towards the season championship).


Jan. 5      RYC Midwinters & Byte Ann. Meeting

Feb. 2      RYC Midwinters

Feb ?       Byte Midwinters West

March 2    RYC Midwinters

March 8-9 StFYC Spring Dinghy

April 5-6    RYC Big Dinghy*

April 27     EYC

May 24-25 Whiskeytown Regatta

June 7 8    Gold Country Regatta*

June 29     EYC*

July 13-14  Huntington High Sierra Regatta *

Aug. 16-20 Cork   Kingston Onterio

Sept. 27-28 RYC Totally Dinghy*

Oct 25-26   StFYC Fall Dinghy

EYC Small Boat Series = last Sunday. of month  Jan to Oct.

Lake Merrrit Winter Series = Second Sat. Dec. to March

Clinics:                                               Events:

March 29-30 Womens Dinghy Clinic 

April 19         Clinic at RYC

May 10         Clinic at RYC

June 28        Clinic at JLAC

July 5-6         Clinic at Delta ???

July 7-11      Clinic at Tinsley

Feb 22     Fleet Social to Kick-Off Season

March 1    Sail-a-Small Boat Day

August ?    Fall Fleet Social


·         The members present discussed the possibility of adding social activities to the schedule. It was agreed that a social activity would be scheduled in February, possibly the 22nd, to kick off the season.


5.      Treasurer Report

·         Michele reported that the fleet account has $883.83.

·         Gail reported that the Charter Byte is in good shape, but it needs a new bailer and/or seals, which should be a small expense.

·        Karin asked the members in attendance whether there was any interest in paying for web site server space, thereby eliminating the pop up ads that come with our current free site. The members in attendance felt that the cost of the current web site (free) outweighed the annoyance of the ads. The members in attendance asked Karin to investigate registering a domain name that would be easier to identify. Karin estimated that registering a domain name would cost around $40 per year.

6.      Fleet Correspondent

·         Gail volunteered to undertake the responsibility of fleet correspondent. If anyone is interested in assisting Gail with this responsibility please let her know as any and all additional support is appreciated.

7.      Bylaws

·        The “2003 Scoring Rules” were discussed (see item 3) as a major component of future bylaws. Karin will collect and review bylaws used by other fleets and report her findings back to the membership.

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