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2008 Calendar - Regattas and other Fun Events

  • YELLOW and  = Races counting towards the season championship  .

  • BLUE  = Other fleet activities, fun sails, etc.

  • WHITE = Regattas that Byte members may wish to attend, but in  which the fleet as a whole has not shown sufficient interest. (Several of these conflict with a major RYC big boat regatta.)  Some of these regattas have an Open Class; others are willing to invite the Byte fleet if we've got at least 5 committed boats,  

If you want to have the fleet participate in a non-championship regatta or in an activity not on the list-- or if you just want some other boats to sail with -- just drum up some business.

Season Championship Rules

March 1 (Sat) Sail-a-Small-Boat Day, 11 am to 4 pm at RYC -- Various small boat fleets provide one or more boats for others to try out. If you are interested in representing the fleet here, please contact Gail. 

   March 2 (Sun)

Last RYC 2007-8 Small Boat Midwinters  

March 8-9  (Sat-Sun)

St. Francis YC Spring Dinghy Regatta -- If interested, contact Dan Ouellet. Dan would like to see the Bytes race in the area near the harbor entrance where the Vanguard 15s sail, a venue that allows for many more races and less arduous sailing. St. Francisco probably requires a commitment of at least 5 Bytes.  (Note: a conflict with the RYC Big Daddy Regatta).

March 29-30 (Sat-Sun)

RYC Big Dinghy Regatta

April 6 (Sat)

Sail a Byte Day at RYC Invitational, 10AM -- Our fleet hosts this even to give interested individuals a chance to try out a Byte. If you know  someone who might be interested in trying out a Byte, please send their name to Gail Yando.  Fleet members are encouraged to attend and to lend their boat for this event.
April 12-13 (Sat Sun Camelia Cup at Folsom Lake YC
April 26 (Sat) Encinal Yacht Club Small Boat Series -- Informal, fun regatta in the estuary
May 10-11 (Sat-Sun) RYC Dinghy Invitation Regatta -- This regatta is for invited centerboard/daggerboard fleets only, including Bytes, Lasers, Snipes.
May 24-25 (Sat-Sun)  Whiskeytown Regatta  
May 25 Lake Washington Sailing Club Spring Regatta
May 31 (Sat) Encinal Yacht Club Small Boat Series -- Informal, fun regatta in the estuary 
June 7-8 Gold Country Regatta -- This regatta has long been a fleet favorite, but is not an official season counter. (The decision this year was that no "far away" regatta be part of the season championship series  This year it also conflicts with the bit boat RYC Delta Ditch Run.) IHowever, it's likely that some Bytes will be going to this Gold Country. There's an open class, and GCYC will probably give Bytes a separate start if there are enough Bytes and someone contacts race officials in advance to arrange this.

June 24-29 1 (Thurs - Sun)

Clear Lake Clinic -- The Byte fleet returns to Clear Lake for a 4-day Byte clinic for all sailing abilities. Oh, the fun of sailing in warm, flat water and good breezes!!  Note: Sailors under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We hope to return to our 2006-7 venue, but this is still under negotiation. There are other possible locations. Say tuned for further details. 
July 26 26 (Sat) Encinal Yacht Club Small Boat Series -- Informal, fun regatta in the estuary
August 2 Lake Washington SC Dinghy Ditch Run -- 30 mile, 6-hour or so reach up the Sacramento River from Rio Vista to the Lake Washington SC. Laurie has done this and several fleet members are interested in giving it a try. 
August 30 (Sat) Encinal Yacht Club Small Boat Series -- Informal, fun regatta in the estuary 
September 6 (Sat) Governor's Cup Regatta at Folsom Lake YC 

Sept. 20-21 (Sat-Sun) 

RYC Totally Dinghy Regatta

Oct.11  (Sat)      

RYC Channel Cruise -- Just a fun, informal sail in the RYC channel (or perhaps beyond, if the weather is inviting) -- a chance to practice and meet the fleet. A good event for newer Byte sailors, but fun for everyone. 11AM
Nov. 9 (Sun) Turkey Shoot Regatta at Lake Washington SC

Nov. 15-16 (Sat, Sun) 

Turkey Trot Regatta at Alamitor Bay YC,  Long Beach

Dec 7 (Sun)

First RYC 2008-9 Small Boat Midwinters  

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