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Contacting the fleet 

Contact a fleet representative

If you've got a question about the fleet or the Charter Byte, email a fleet representative.

Fleet email 

Our fleet has a mailing list on a mailing list server. If you're on this list, you can email everyone on the list by sending a single email to To add yourself to our email list, update your  email address, remove yourself from the list, or review past messages, go to the SailPix email server site

The NorCal-Byte list is for Byte owners and friends only. Ideally, everyone interested in participating in fleet events or in trying to find some other Bytes to fun sail sail with, even once in a while, should sign up for this server since it's the easy, quick way to communicate with everyone.

List of local Byte owners/sailors

We also maintain a hard-copy list of local Byte owners and active non-owners and their contact information. This is available to fleet members. If you need the most recent copy, contact Karin Knowles.

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last edit: 02/12/08